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Innovative Employee Reduces the Process for Health Permits

Employee of the Week: Environmental Health Scientist, Lauren Dickerson

October 23, 2015

ALBUQUERQUE - Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized an employee from the Environmental Health Department who envisioned and implemented a system to save citizens of Albuquerque time and effort when applying for Air Quality Permits. Lauren Dickerson’s entrepreneur mindset allowed her to innovate within her department to create superior systems to better serve the Air Quality staff and citizens of Albuquerque.

A little over a year ago, Dickerson was hired as an Environmental Health Scientist for the Environmental Health Department.   Dickerson quickly got to work creating new practices to improve and streamline the processing of air quality permit applications for business and for government entities, all while maintaining her assigned duties. One of her entrepreneurial innovations resulted in an internal tool that automates the production of air quality permit documentation, reducing the amount of time needed to issue permits.   This tool has increased consistency and allowed backup generator permits to be issued thirty-two days sooner.

Dickerson also led a collaborative effort between the Department of Technology & Innovation (DTI) and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff to create a tool that automatically identifies nearby neighborhood associations, coalitions, and municipalities for notification of air quality permit applications.  This tool cut several steps from the process, reducing the total handling time for employees from fifteen minutes to five minutes.

Lauren Dickerson is this week’s Employee of the Week for her ability to accomplish her daily tasks while rethinking the way government works so that it can better serve the community.