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Injured Bicyclist Extricated from Mountain Trail

Friday’s Heroes: Commander Victor Padilla, Lieutenant Joe Luna, Driver Brian Fox, FF Sara Jones, FF Mario Jaramillo, Captain Jed Hyland, Driver Paul McClure, FF Eric Valdez, FF Noah MacGillivray, Lieutenant Steven Keffer, Driver Michael Kolbusz, Driver Justin Spain, Driver Greg Ochoa, Captain Paul Dow, Driver Michael Palmer, FF Anthony Mazotti, and FF Jose Gomez, all with the Albuquerque Fire Department

April 12, 2013

Albuquerque- Amongst the jagged side of the Sandia Mountains unfortunately positioned between boulders and prickly plants an injured bicyclist was forced to call for help after taking a dangerous tumble. Emergency Response staff from Albuquerque Fire Department responded quickly to the call and took-on the challenging terrain to rescue the man.

The Albuquerque Firefighters, who responded to this call, coordinated the communication efforts with the Albuquerque Police Department, the Albuquerque Ambulance, and Albuquerque Mountain Search and Rescue. The AFD Heroes hiked about a mile and a half into the mountains with their gear and physically carried the injured bicyclist back down the steep trail. They gave the patient to the rescue unit, which immediately transported him to the hospital.

The man was conscious, but had a cut on his head and abdominal bruising. Medical officials later told the firefighters that the bicyclist had a ruptured spleen, and if they had not found him that evening he would have died.