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Friday's Hero: Albuquerque Police Officer Martin Smith

Mayor Berry honors APD officer who resuscitated a baby who had stopped breathing

July 10, 2015 

Albuquerque-Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a police officer whose calm, quick action saved the life of a mother’s most prized possession. When Officer Martin Smith responded to a family’s frantic call for help, he became that family’s hero and this week’s Friday’s Hero for the City of Albuquerque.

On May 14 Officer Smith was called out to a Northeast Heights neighborhood in response to an infant who had stopped breathing and was quickly turning blue. As the Rios family opened the door, he found them in hysterics, unsure of how they could help their child. Officer Smith remained calm and in control as he rubbed the baby girl’s chest and blew air into her face to get the girl to catch her breath again. Suddenly, she started moving her hands and feet, but she was still struggling to stay conscious. Officer Smith continued to tap the baby’s chest and talk to her to keep her awake and engaged.

Albuquerque Fire and Rescue soon arrived on scene and transported the infant to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, which had caused her to stop breathing.  The child is now on medication to avoid these episodes in the future.

As an officer, Smith says, his actions on that day were part of his duties and he does not feel like a hero. But to that baby girl’s mother, she said she will never forget that day and what Officer Smith did for her and her family.