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Firefighters Pull Elderly Woman From her Emblazed Home

The efforts of several courageous firefighters saved the life of a local senior citizen

February 15, 2013

Mayor Richard J. Berry and Albuquerque Fire Chief James Breen jointly praised some firefighters for their heroic actions this past fall. The eight firefighters were called out to a home, located at 615 Solano SE, which was billowing smoke, with the homeowner helplessly stuck inside.

A wood-burning stove that the elderly woman was using to warm her home had caught nearby items on fire, and was quickly spreading the vicious flames through her house. She had attempted to escape from the smothering smoke through her back door, but the keyed lock was missing its key, detaining her in the deadly space. Heavy smoke had now filled the home, and she had no means of escape.

Surrounding the home, the firefighters worked to locate the woman’s whereabouts and get inside the house. They skillfully forced their way through the backdoor, rescuing the woman. Their speedy response time, good communication, and skills saved the life of this elderly woman.

This Friday’s Heroes are Firefighters Ruben Gonzales, Robert Candelaria, Jarred Baldwin, Alex Montero, John Hagan, Christopher Davidson, Richard Lovato, and David Mowery II.