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ESA Saving the City Millions

This Week’s Efficiency, Stewardship, & Accountability Award Recipient: Monica T. Montoya

September 6, 2013


Albuquerque- Since Mayor Richard J. Berry launched the Efficiency, Stewardship, & Accountability Award three years ago, the city has seen many examples of its employees working hard to save money. To this date, more than 20 city employees have been given this award, saving the city just over $14.5 million. The latest recipient is Monica T. Montoya from the Office of Neighborhood Revitalization and Community Development, a division of the Family & Community Services Department.

Monica Montoya saved the Office of Neighborhood Revitalization more than $60,000 through her attention to detail. Montoya was given the task of finding out why their small office had such a large phone bill. She took the extra time to survey every employee to see what lines could be eliminated, and what extra features the phones had that were not necessary. After this initial report Montoya went on the hunt to find how she could exterminate this wasteful spending. After much persistence, attention to detail, and willingness Montoya made sure that changes were put into place to cut this gross overspending. Confirmed by ITSD, Montoya found that the office had over paid phone bills by $60,327.20 in the past two years.

Last month marks Monica’s first year with the City of Albuquerque and in just that short amount of time she has shown how your job description should not limit what you accomplish in your work place. Montoya joins the other ESA award recipients in showing that determination, dedication, and commitment can directly impact the whole city as it saves tax payers millions.

Just more than three years ago, on August 9, 2010 Mayor Berry announced the start of the ESA Program. Efficiency at all levels of government is imperative. Employees who generate savings, like Montoya, for the city with their idea receive a bonus for their department. The Stewardship and Accountability aspect of the award are designed to target and root-out wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse of City and taxpayer resources.

"The citizens of Albuquerque work hard for their money, and it’s important to us that their tax dollars are being used as efficiently as possible," Mayor Berry said. "Our employees have a confidential place where they can voice their concerns about waste and present their ideas for improvement."

In the last 3 years many ideas and strategies have been implemented by employees to be considered for an ESA Award. Stories ranged anywhere from employees taking extra time and doing more research to save money on equipment, to negotiating lower premiums insurance policies for all city employees. Not only have these award recipients benefitted the city, but also their fellow employees.

If the past three years are an indication for the future, this program looks bright. The almost $14.5 million saved has made a large, positive impact on the city as it strives to excel in Efficiency, Stewardship, and Accountability.