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Employees Save Distressed Senior Citizen

Employees of the Week: Patricia Duran and Bernadette Garcia-Sanchez

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored two City of Albuquerque employees who went the extra mile when they detected distress from a senior citizen caller. Bernadette Garcia-Sanchez and Patricia Duran from the Department of Senior Affairs are this week’s employees of the week.

This December, Patricia Duran, with the Information and Assistance Program of the Senior Affairs Department, received a call from an elderly gentleman who requested immediate service for home delivered meals. For Patricia, this is an ordinary call, however this time seemed different. She noted that the man’s breathing was quite labored so she inquired further and found out that he had not eaten in 5 days. Troubled by what she had learned, Patricia immediately went to her supervisor, Bernadette Garcia-Sanchez, and asked what could be done to assist the starving man. Bernadette was alarmed when she heard about Patricia’s phone call and offered to pay a visit to the gentleman to assess the severity of his situation. Bernadette went to the man’s house and quickly realized that the man needed medical attention. She then called for medical help and he was transported to the hospital.

Later, Bernadette received a call from the gentleman’s daughter who lives out of state. She thanked both Bernadette and Patricia for the compassion that they showed toward her father and the immediate response they took when they knew something was not right. Both Bernadette and Patricia sensed a serious situation and did not hesitate to follow through with outreach for one of the most vulnerable in Albuquerque. Albuquerque city employees have a heart for our senior citizens, and their kindness makes a world of difference in the lives that they touch.