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Employees of the Week: Eisenhower and Sandia Pools Lifeguards

Lifeguards at Eisenhower and Sandia Pools save the lives of endangered swimmers

ALBUQUERQUE—The City of Albuquerque is proud to recognize and honor the first responders from the Parks and Recreation Department Aquatics Division involved in three separate emergencies at Eisenhower and Sandia Pools. Their diligent training led to the quick and responsible actions listed below:

  • Grant Thulin (18), 1st Responder

On May 31, 2015, a little girl appeared to be actively drowning at Eisenhower Pool. Lifeguard Grant Thulin recognized the emergency, and entered the water. The little girl was showing signs of a seizure. Grant held and removed the girl out of the water using a backboard while another staff member called 911. Paramedics transported the swimmer to UNMH. Without the quick recognition and response of Grant Thulin and the Eisenhower lifeguard team, this young swimmer would have certainly remained in life threatening danger.

  • Armand Martinez (16), 1st Responder

On July 7, 2015, a 7-year-old girl appeared to be passively drowning (no splashing or signs of distress) in the 5 ft. section of Eisenhower Pool. Armand Martinez responded and rescued the young swimmer. The young girl was breathing on her own, but was not responding to verbal commands. The lifeguards kept her airway open and monitored her vitals until EMS arrived and transported the young swimmer to the hospital. The alertness and response of Armand Martinez and the Eisenhower lifeguard staff certainly saved this little girl’s life.  

  • Josh Stone (23), 1st Responder

On July 8, 2015, a 9-year-old girl attempted to do a front-flip off the diving board at Sandia Pool. The young diver slipped, and hit her head on the diving board. Lifeguard Josh Stone saw the incident and entered the water to make the rescue. The Sandia Pool lifeguard team safely secured the diver onto the backboard to prevent spinal injury, and then removed her from the water. The little girl remained conscious and alert while the lifeguard staff treated the cut on her head. EMS arrived and transported her to UNMH for additional testing. Lifeguard Josh Stone’s quick response and use of the manual in-line stabilization technique provided this young swimmer a safe removal from the water, and prevented any further harm.

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