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Employee of the Week: Sandia Pool Lifeguard Dotty Swari

Mayor Berry honors Sandia Pool Lifeguard Dotty Swari as Employee of the Week.

July 10, 2015

Albuquerque-Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a lifeguard whose lifesaving skills came in handy even when she was off duty. While grocery shopping, a man suddenly collapsed and instinct took over as she jumped into action. Dotty Swari, an aquatic program coordinator and a lifeguard at Sandia Pool with the Parks and Recreation Department, is this week's Employee of the Week.

This past April, as Dotty Swari shopped at her local grocery store, she witnessed a man suddenly collapse onto the floor. She rushed over to check on the man and found that he was without a pulse. Immediately, her lifeguarding skills came into action and she began chest compressions to restore the man's heartbeat. As the situation intensified, she continued administering compressions and called out for someone to call 911. She continued chest compressions in order to keep the man alive until medics arrived.

Once medical personnel arrived on scene, Swari was relieved of her heroic responsibilities. Knowing the severity of the man's situation they utilized an automated external defibrillator (AED) in an effort to restore his pulse. Personnel then delivered an electrical shock and continued chest compressions until they were able to safely transport him to a nearby hospital where he could be properly resuscitated.

Without Dotty Swari's heroic actions, that man might not have survived his second heart attack. Dotty Swari is a great example of how lifeguards' skills are able to save lives even when they are not technically on the clock. Learning CPR and taking action when others do not are some ways people can be heroes in their community. Had it not been for Dotty`s quick reaction and her experience in being a lifeguard, this man would have lost his life.