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Employee Honored for Finding & Trying to Rescue Elderly Stroke Victim

Employee of the Week: David Gallegos, Senior Affairs Department

March 1, 2013

Albuquerque- Senior Affair’s Employee, David Gallegos’ day, this past December, went from routine to alarming when he found one of his meal delivery clients slumped over his chair. Just days after the winter holiday, Gallegos was visiting his client’s home to give him a meal. He knocked vigorously on the door, and when no one answered decided to try and see his client through the windows. Through the front window Gallegos saw his client- unconscious, slumped over a chair. He dialed 911, and went inside the home, following the dispatcher’s directions to check his client’s vitals. Because the client was a double amputee Gallegos had to pull the elderly man up by his trunk. He proceeded to get his vitals, relaying them to the dispatcher, as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Gallegos also contacted his supervisors to see if the family of his client could be reached.

When the emergency responders got to the home, Gallegos helped lift the client into the gurney and see him off to the hospital. As Gallegos was getting ready to leave the house, the client’s son arrived. Gallegos gave the son all the information he could.

A couple days later, the son called Gallegos and told him that his father had suffered a severe stroke, and was still on life support at the hospital. The son emphasized the family’s intense gratitude to Gallegos for his efforts to save their father’s life. Unfortunately, Mr. Gallegos’ client succumbed to the damage caused by the stroke and passed away on New Year’s Day.