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Crossing Guards Prevent Potentially Deadly Scene

Friday’s Heroes: Leah Whitling, Charles Montoya, Arturo Heines, and Sybil Trasher- Crossing Guards employed by APD

July 12, 2013

Albuquerque- Petroglyph Elementary School was bustling with activity as young students hustled into the school for their first period class, but slowly meandering down the road in front of the school was a scary sight; a white car with flames coming out of its front hood. The driver and passenger of the emblazed vehicle had already abandoned the car, which was headed straight towards a group of children.

Crossing Guards Leah Whitling and Charles Montoya jumped into action; Montoya ran towards the car to see if anyone else was trapped inside, noting that no one was in the car, he tried to open the door to steer the car away from innocent witnesses, at this point the entire from of the car became engulfed in flames, the doors were locked so he reached through the window and steered the car towards the curb. Montoya’s action veered the vehicle away from the children, on-coming traffic, and the school crossing lane.

Meanwhile Whitling got nearby children out of the way, ensuring that they were a safe distance away from the burning vehicle, and stopped traffic to avoid any collisions with the wayward sedan.

Unsure if the vehicle was going to explode Arturo Heines and Sybil Trasher rushed to the scene with fire extinguishers. Shortly after emergency crews arrived and began to smother the flames and redirect traffic.