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Constituent Services Rep Goes Above & Beyond

Employee of the Week: Mayor’s Office Constituent Services Employee Carmen

August 21, 2015 Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee who helps community members with any issues and concerns they may have. Carmen Ortiz, a Constituent Services Representative in the Mayor’s Office, went above and beyond to help find a solution to one woman’s situation that had unexpectedly fallen on hard times. It is for these actions that Ortiz is the City of Albuquerque’s Employee of the Week.

This past February, a woman who suddenly found herself homeless went to the Mayor’s Office looking for any kind of help available. After being kicked out of her home by her husband, she did not have family she could turn to and had very few resources at her disposal. Ortiz heard about the woman’s situation and immediately stepped up to help. She made numerous calls to service providers throughout Albuquerque and other partners outside city limits to see what could be done to help this woman. Ortiz wanted to do everything she could to get this lady back on her feet and in a better place.

The next day, Ortiz picked her mission back up with much fervor. With the help of St. Martin’s Displaced Tenant Relocation Program, she not only found a hotel for the lady to stay at for a week, but she also located emergency assisted living for this temporarily displaced woman.

Ortiz takes every case she receives in the Mayor’s Office very seriously. Ortiz’s perseverance and compassion drove her to find a solution to this particular instance and helped her through a bad situation. Carmen Ortiz’s hard work and dedication has made her a great representative of the City of Albuquerque and has made her a truly valuable employee.