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Concerned and Caring Officers Help Parents-to-Be

Friday’s Heroes: Officer Joseph Gumble and Officer Ryan Holets

September 8, 2017

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Albuquerque Police Department Officers Joseph Gumble and Ryan Holets as Friday’s Heroes for replacing an expectant couple’s baby necessities that were stolen from their apartment.  

This past June, Officer Holets was dispatched to an apartment complex on Montgomery Boulevard in response to a residential burglary. A few days before, a fire had caused extensive damage to the burglarized apartment. The tenants, a couple who was expecting their first child, were not allowed access to their home and were required to relocate to a hotel for a few days because of the destruction caused by the fire.

When Officer Holets arrived at the apartment, the couple explained to him that while they were at the hotel, a thief entered their apartment and stole more than $900 worth of items they had purchased for their baby. Because they had limited means, and because they had been victimized during an already difficult time, he took a personal interest in the mom- and dad-to-be and decided to help. When Officer Holets notified Officer Gumble of the couple’s predicament, they devised a plan to assist the family. Both officers decided they would help replace some of the couple’s lost items by using their own money. Officer Holets purchased baby clothes, a diaper bag and a baby bouncer while Officer Gumble purchased a $200 gift card to help replace items that were lost in the fire. In addition to these tremendous acts of compassion, Officer Holets contacted and managed to have a local retailer donate several boxes of diapers to the family after explaining their baby items had been stolen.

Officer Gumble’s and Officer Holets’s extraordinary acts of kindness and their commitment to the Albuquerque community demonstrates their dedication to APD and to the public they serve. While their actions didn’t make the couple whole again, their sympathy for the family helped them through the difficult time. It is for these reasons that Officer Joseph Gumble and Officer Ryan Holets were recognized as this week’s City of Albuquerque Friday’s Heroes.