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Commander Renders Aid After Motorcycle Accident

Friday's Hero: AFD Commander Frank Soto

February 12, 2016

Albuquerque, NM- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Albuquerque Fire Department (AFD) Commander Frank Soto for his quick action to save the life of a motorcyclist who had been involved in a severe accident. Commander Soto earned the title as this week’s Friday’s Hero for “always on the job” mentality and immediate response to render aid.

On his way home from work, Commander Soto came across a major accident, which was later categorized as being the highest level of coding for an auto accident, involving a motorcyclist on 1-40 just under the Big I. He saw that a man’s motorcycle had slid approximately 200 yards away from where he had fallen, leaving him injured. Commander Soto turned on the emergency lights of his vehicle, pulled over, assessed the situation and ran back to collect medical supplies to begin rendering aid. Not knowing if the man had broken any vertebrae, Commander Soto held the man’s neck and head, which was still in the helmet, stable to avoid further injury. While he held the vertebrae in place, Commander Soto tended, as best he could, to the excessive bleeding in the man’s lower body and was able to assess the level of injury. When emergency medical personnel arrived on scene Commander Soto was able to give a full assessment of the injuries which made expediting the motorcyclist’s rapid transport to University of New Mexico Hospital possible.

Being a high ranking official, Commander Soto is currently on administrative assignment. He has not been assigned to a field unit in over two years. However, he frequently takes it upon himself to go out and help when he can and conduct research so as to stay sharp in case he is ever required to give aide. Thankfully, because of his dedication to his job and his intuition to keep his skills up to date, Commander Soto was able to save the life of the motorcyclist. For these reasons, Commander Frank Soto is being honored as the week’s Albuquerque Friday’s Hero.