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City/UNM Collaboration Bolsters Professional Development for APD

New training options offer a mutually beneficial partnership for the betterment of the community

June 12, 2013

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry and UNM President Dr. Bob Frank have joined forces to create additional learning and training opportunities for APD’s mid-level managers in an effort to bolster career and skill development within the department.

The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) will provide enhanced professional development opportunities through the Public Administration Department at UNM. Next steps include representatives from APD’s training division and UNM’s Public Administration Department working together to create the curriculum and coordinate training opportunities.

"This is a great opportunity to enhance our professional development program within APD while utilizing UNM as the great resource that it is in our community," said Mayor Berry. "When we talk about leveraging opportunities between the City and UNM – this is perfect example of the many areas we can include in that process."

"UNM is pleased to once again partner with the city on a project that is key to making our community better," said UNM President Dr. Frank. "Our faculty at School of Public Administration can offer innovative approaches to education and training for APD that will help develop and further the leadership skills of department managers and administrators."

"I’m excited about this new collaboration that will provide opportunities for our mid-level managers.  These courses will create a level of professional development that was previously not available to our officers. In the future, this agreement could also assist us in oversight and accounting of our procedures and employees," said Chief Ray Schultz.

The MOU contract will go for one year with a chance to renew each year.