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City to Implement over 80% of Matrix Recommendations

Preliminary Savings to the City of Albuquerque reaches $500K with On-going Savings

March 29, 2013

The Matrix Consulting Group was retained by the City of Albuquerque to conduct an Organizational Design Project.  This study was designed to provide an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations, identifying strengths and improvement opportunities relating to organization, staffing and management.

This contract coincides with the Administration’s endeavor to streamline operations while maintaining appropriate service levels in an increasingly challenging economic environment. In this Study, the Matrix Consulting Group project team utilized a wide variety of data collection and analytical techniques.  The project team conducted the following data collection and analytical activities including;

•    Developed an understanding of the key issues impacting the City. To evaluate the City, Matrix Consulting Group conducted interviews with senior and mid-level managers as well as staff within each department.  Interviews focused on goals and objectives, management systems, the use of technology, the levels of service provided by the City, the resources available to provide those services, etc.

•    Developed a descriptive profile of the City. The Matrix Consulting Group collected data for each department to document the current organization of services, the structure and functions of the various departments, budgets, workload data, management systems, and inventory of the infrastructure, etc.

•    Provided an opportunity for employee input.  In addition to interviews, the Matrix Consulting Group consulted with employees.  Matrix asked employees to evaluate the overall operations of the City as well as their departments and to identify constraints they faced as well as their perceptions on improvement opportunities.

•    Identified key strengths and opportunities for improvement in each department. The ‘best-practices’ assessment included comparisons to industry standards developed by professional organizations.  Additionally, the project team utilized the Matrix Consulting Group’s library of best practices developed by the firm while conducting hundreds of management studies throughout the country.

•    Conducted further analysis of issues identified for the final report.  Based on initial findings, the project team evaluated additional data, analyzed issues and alternatives; resulting in recommendations for staffing levels and management practices that would streamline operations and maintain existing service levels.

The final report consists of a comprehensive review of the operations, management, and staffing of the City’s departments which summarizes the project teams findings, conclusions and 320 recommendations. City Departments were then asked to review and analyze the recommendations impacting their operations and provided feedback.

The following table represents the number of Matrix recommendations that will be implemented and the approximate timeline.

Implementation Timeline






Short-Term: 18-24 Months



Long-Term: Beyond 24 Months



Not Currently Feasible




Total Recommendations



Matrix provided estimated costs savings with some of the recommendations, in an effort to quantify the potential budgetary impacts of implementation.  Actual savings based on the implemented recommendations have to date, recovered more than the $200,000 dollar cost of the study.  Staff reduction in Family & Community Services and the Hearing Office along with outsourcing Landscaping and Janitorial services at the Airport will generate more the $500,000 in savings in FY14 alone.  Other staffing & organizational change recommendations have been incorporated in the FY14 budget.

The significant return will come with implementation of the process change and efficiency recommendations as they will facilitate doing more with less while providing the excellent services our citizens expect and deserve.