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City Saves Thousands by Evaluating its Cell Phone Usage

ESA Recipient: Department of Technology and Innovation

January 15, 2016

Albuquerque- Since Mayor Richard J. Berry launched the Efficiency, Stewardship, & Accountability Award 6 years ago, the city has seen many examples of its employees working hard to save money. Today the city is giving this award for merely the 20th time, and as part of the recognition the city has presented a total of $11,895 in award checks to the recipients. The latest recipients are five employees from the Department of Technology and Innovation (DTI) for revamping the City’s cell phone program, Employees Olivia Padilla-Jackson, Paul Chapman, Gerald Romero, Hipolito Gierro, and Peter Ambs have earned this week’s Efficiency, Stewardship and Accountability (ESA) award for generating an average cost savings to the city of $168,000 annually.

The DTI team launched their cell phone savings project in summer 2015 after noticing the City’s cell phone bills increasing. After much research, the team created a policy and procedure to be more efficient with taxpayer dollars. The savings strategy included several points including monitoring zero usage phones, limit phone upgrades to ‘end of useful life’, and centralizing the ordering of phones.

Within the seven months that the revised plan has been in place, there has been an average savings of $14,000 per month. It is projected that the new plan will save the city $168,000 annually. team continues to monitor and adjust the plan as necessary for optimal savings, and to date the savings has totaled to $70,000.  

This team’s commitment shows that determination, dedication, and commitment cab directly impact the whole city as it saves taxpayers millions.

When Mayor Berry was elected to office in 2009, he kicked off the Efficiency Stewardship and Accountability incentivized program. As of January 2016 the program has saved or had avoided costs totaling $25,621,830.

“This program saves city spending by millions of dollars each year,” said Mayor Berry. “ESA is a team approach to curb fraud and find efficiencies. Our employees are our biggest assets and ESA gives every employee, vendor, and citizen a voice to tell us how we can do things better.