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City Renews Lucky Paws Lease

New lease agreement gives new ray of hope for homeless pets.

Albuquerque-Homeless pets in Albuquerque have a greater chance of survival thanks to a lease agreement worked out between the Mayor Richard J. Berry Administration and Coronado Center Mall Management.  The new lease agreement continues operations for the Lucky Paws Pet Adoption Store for an additional three years.

Lucky Paws once was targeted for a possible shutdown, because of the City’s financial constraints. However, the lease locks in a low-cost lease arrangement that was approved by this week by the City Council and takes effect Oct. 1.

The store has found homes for about 8,200 animals since it opened more than four years ago. It is operated by the city Animal Welfare Department.

Barbara Bruin, Director of the Animal Welfare Department, called Lucky Paws “an outlet of hope” and said it has saved the lives of thousands of animals.

“Lucky Paws often finds homes for hard-to-adopt dogs and cats, such as older animals and disabled animals that would have perished in the past,” Bruin said. “The visibility and wonderful staff at Lucky Paws work their magic to get pets into forever homes.”

At Coronado, marketing coordinator B. Janecka said Coronado Center “is pleased to continue our partnership with Lucky Paws. We are excited and honored to take part in helping animals find a new home.”

This has been a good year for Animal Welfare Department as a whole. For the year to date, cat adoptions are 23 percent ahead of the same period a year ago, cat euthanasia has decreased 29 percent, dog adoptions have increased 4 percent and dog euthanasia has decreased 3 percent.