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City Reestablishes Property Rights for Volcano Vista Landowners

Land owners able to build after 30 year wait

October 26, 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Today Mayor Richard J. Berry signed the Special Assessment District No. 228 which authorizes the city to facilitate a westside neighborhood association’s efforts to build sidewalks, water, and sewer access, which will enable economic development and job creation. Special Assessment Districts are a means to provide key infrastructure, which was not built at the time the subdivision was created. Residents are responsible for paying the city back for financing the project.

"This is an important day for Albuquerque’s westsiders who can finally make their investments that will in turn create jobs and economic development activity." said Mayor Berry. "In a country that was founded on personal property rights this is a major win for our citizens because it allows property owners to realize their investment."

This particular section of Albuquerque’s Westside began development over 30 years ago and was called Volcano Cliffs. The homeowners association connected with the property requested the City of Albuquerque bring about this action because it was problematic to build the homes they had intended when they purchased the property over 30 years ago. Normally, developers are required to build the necessary infrastructure associated with their development, but no one builder was associated with this track of property. As time passed the property became locked in legal battles with the City of Albuquerque.

"Today's signing is the culmination of years of hard work on behalf of the administration, the city council and our staff SAD 228 will bring critically needed water, sewer, street and storm drainage infrastructure to the west side while at the same time providing funding for open space. The process has been arduous, but it has also been a great example of the city and residents working together to improve an already vibrant area of the city." said Councilor Dan Lewis.

The primary area of land in the Special Assessment District is bound by Unser Boulevard on the West, Kimmick Road on the North and the Petroglyph National Monument on the East and South. This area will be developed at Petroglyph Estates and the 435 lots in this unique neighborhood on Albuquerque’s Northwest Mesa will have spectacular views of the Valley and Sandia Mountains. In addition to Petroglyph Heights SAD 228 includes the extension of the 4 lane permanent improvements to portions Unser Boulevard, Rainbow Boulevard and Paseo del Norte.