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City Library Employee Shows Exceptional Dedication to the Job

Employee of the Week: Tim Bustamante

May 30, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee from a local library who worked well beyond the standard schedule to ensure a great library experience for a group of kids. Tim Bustamante, an employee at the Tony Hillerman Branch Library, within the Cultural Services Department, is this week’s Employee of the Week.

One evening this past March, Tim was wrapping up his shift and getting ready to leave the library when he saw a situation unfolding within the library that caused him great concern. Two men got into a physical altercation inside the library, at the same time as a cub scout troop was standing by waiting for a tour of the building from another library employee. Tim noted that that there was only one library employee at the reference desk, who was not able to tend to both matters. As the physical altercation was moved outside, Tim took the initiative to conduct the tour for the Cub Scout troop in order to allow the other employee to call authorities and monitor the situation which was intensifying outside. Throughout the tour Tim let the cub scouts know that the library is a wonderful place to learn and explore new things. Despite other personal obligations, Tim stayed an hour and a half beyond his scheduled shift to make sure everything at the library was handled properly and didn’t leave until he knew things at his library had returned to normal.

Thanks to Tim’s team-oriented attitude, he turned around what could have been a negative experience for the Cub Scout troop, and they left feeling good about their local library. Tim’s supervisor Laura Metzler describes Tim as someone with a great attitude that proves to be a superb team member time and time again. Tim was hired as substitute staff in July 2013, and he was just recently picked up as a regular city employee. Tim is a reliable, professional employee and a fine representative of the library system of Albuquerque.