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City Installs Smart Parking Meters

80 State of the Art Meters are placed in Nob Hill and East Downtown Albuquerque

August 1, 2013

Albuquerque, NM - This week 40 new state of the art single head parking meters were placed along Central Avenue in Nob Hill. This adds to the 40 meters already installed in East Downtown between Arno and Broadway. The meters will help revolutionize parking in Albuquerque for both drivers and parking operators.

The new single meters are unique in that they allow users to pay with either coins or credit cards. Albuquerque has never had single head meters that accepted credit cards. The meters use an environmentally friendly solar panel and combination of rechargeable and back-up battery pack to maximize ongoing power.

"Albuquerque is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology to provide the citizens with more efficient government and versatile resources to make their day to day lives easier," said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "I believe that these smart parking meters are a step in that direction."

The meters provide the operations staff with immediate feedback a reports if there is a problem with the machine.  For example, if a fault is found with a card reader malfunction or coin validator jam it instantaneously sends a report via text message and email to personnel to work on the issue. The meters also update operators when a parking space is occupied and how much time has been paid for on the meter.

Future phases could include smart card payments, as well as paying with a smart phone app. This option would make it easier for users to monitor their parking time and add to their payment.

The best part about this pilot is that there was no cost to the City to install the meters. The pilot phase will last for 180 days and citizens are welcome to use the new meters and give feedback with their experience.

Feedback for these meters can be filled out at