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City Employee’s Charitable Nature Touches the Lives of Many

Employee of the Week: Tammy Young

January 17, 2014


Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a City of Albuquerque employee who always goes the extra mile for her clients. Tammy Young of the Family and Community Services Department is this week’s employee of the week.


Young has worked for the City of Albuquerque for 24 years, and currently holds the position of Community Services Specialist II at the John Marshal Health and Social Service Center. In this position, Young helps families and individuals in obtaining rent and utility assistance, food boxes, clothing, diapers, and various other essentials. If the center cannot accommodate their needs, Young meets with the individual and makes referrals to outside agencies. Young also does the daily ordering from Road Runner Food Bank and organizes a program that feeds up to 150 families every month.


Helping people comes very naturally to Young and is an integral part of her job description, but she goes beyond the standard expectation on a daily basis.  Young steps up in a variety of ways, including coming to the aid of those who are experiencing abuse and at their most vulnerable. This past year, Young did not hesitate to assist a pregnant woman at the center whose boyfriend was threatening her and being verbally abusive. Young approached the woman, giving her comfort and staying by her side until Albuquerque Police Department officers arrived and arrested the hostile man.


Just months later, Young noticed that a gentleman who was exiting the John Marshal Building was having difficulty walking. It was obvious to Young that he was experiencing a medical problem, and she asked him to come into the Center where she waited with him until an ambulance arrived.  It was later determined that the gentleman had suffered a mild heart attack and it is likely that Young’s intervention resulted in a better medical outcome.


Young is very respected by her coworkers which is a testament to her hard work and spirit of generosity.  Young’s charitable nature and selfless character make her an excellent employee and an asset to the City of Albuquerque.