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City Employee Leads the Way to Giving

Employee of the Week: Olivia Padilla-Jackson

Albuquerque - Today Mayor Richard Berry honored an employee who led City of Albuquerque employees to raise money for United Way. Through her efforts, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, Olivia Padilla-Jackson, not only increased employee participation, but also the overall growth rate over last year's amount.

For the past 18 years the City of Albuquerque has participated in a campaign to raise money for United Way of Central New Mexico and its associated charities. The campaign runs for approximately 2 1/2 months, from September to November. Through several programs, United Way of Central New Mexico serves people in need in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties by supporting a variety of non-profits that work to improve the human condition.

This past year Olivia Padilla-Jackson was asked by city leaders to orchestrate the City of Albuquerque's fundraising efforts as the Employee Campaign Manager. This task was not without challenges, as Olivia took on this position with all its responsibilities on top of her full time job. Olivia was tasked with gathering representatives from each department, who would then recruit their employees to donate to United Way of Central New Mexico. Through her exceptional leadership, Olivia was able to keep everyone focused on the goal, which was a 5 percent increase from last year's amount. She checked in weekly with coordinators from each department, offering help, resources, updates, and support.

Through Olivia's diligent work, City of Albuquerque employees were able to raise $318,539 which surpassed the 5 percent increase goal of $282,072. This year, 1,488 city employees participated for a total participation rate of approximately 27 percent, the highest rate the city has seen. Also, in the spirit of friendly competition, a Joint City/County Kick-Off Event was held at Civic Plaza with a participation rate challenge set. The City beat the County by a few percentage points.

Olivia has been with the Finance and Administration Department for a little more than a year. Previously she was Finance Director for the City of Rio Rancho and Director the NM State Board of Finance before that.