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City Employee Ensures Safety of Elderly Woman

Employee of the Week: DMD Employee Donald Martinez

May 8, 2015

Albuquerque- Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored a Department of Municipal Development (DMD) employee for helping a woman who had fallen in the snow and could not get up. Donald Martinez of Storm and Arroyo Maintenance within DMD is this week’s Employee of the Week.

This past February, Albuquerque experienced a severe cold snap that resulted in a great deal of ice on the roads. Donald Martinez was driving a city salt truck the morning after the ice had covered the streets of Albuquerque. While salting the streets, Donald moves between major streets to the residential roads to make sure every road was drivable. As he was driving on a residential road off of Tramway and Lomas, he noticed an elderly woman lying on the ground in her driveway, obviously in distress. Donald saw that she was attempting to sit up to wave him down for help. Immediately, he parked his truck rushed to help her. He asked if she was okay, she replied yes, but asked if he could help her get into her house because she could not do so on her own. Donald got the woman out of the snow into the comfort of her home.  Judging from her body temperature, he realized that she had been on the ground for some time before she was able to get someone’s attention.  Donald offered to call for help, but the woman declined knowing help was on the way.  She assured Donald that she would be fine now that she was in her home, so he reluctantly left, but was soon comforted when he saw an Albuquerque Fire truck pull up to the  home. Donald never found out who called for help, but he was relieved to know that he was leaving the woman in good hands. He then resumed his duty making the streets of Albuquerque safe for commuters.

Donald’s job is critical for safety of all citizens, but on that day he ensured the safety of not just drivers on the roads, but also one vulnerable citizen who had taken a serious fall. Had it not been for his immediate action, the woman could have been stranded on her driveway for a longer period of time, on one of the coldest days of this past winter.