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City Employee Comes to the Aid of Fallen Elderly Woman

Employee of the Week: Adrian Olvera

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee who came to the aid of an elderly woman who had slipped and fallen in her driveway. Through his immediate action and willingness to help, this Albuquerque senior citizen is alive and well today. This week’s Employee of the Week is Solid Waste Employee Adrian Olvera.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 13th, Albuquerque Solid Waste driver Adrian Olvera was on his usual residential recycling pickup route. Due to cold weather conditions the night before, the roads and sidewalks were icy. While Adrian was servicing his typical route, he noticed an elderly woman lying on her driveway. It was apparent that the woman had slipped on the slick sidewalk and had no way to get up on her own. Adrian immediately stopped his truck to provide assistance. As he approached her, he noticed she was in and out of consciousness and freezing. Instantly, Adrian called over to a neighbor to help him, and together they moved the woman into her home. As the men carried the woman into her home, Adrian realized her condition was serious, so he called the paramedics. As they waited, he found some sheets to cover her and keep her warm. The woman was fading in and out of consciousness, so Adrian knew he had to keep her awake by asking her questions. Adrian found out the woman’s name is Mrs. Cook and asked her to talk to him about her family. By doing so, he discovered her son’s name and found his number in Mrs. Cook’s phone. He immediately called her son to let him know what had happened, and let him know that the paramedics were on their way. Once paramedics had arrived, Adrian left to go finish his pick-ups in the neighborhood. After he finished his shift, he returned to check on the welfare of Mrs. Cook. Mrs. Cook’s son, Paul, was there when Adrian made his quick welfare check on his mom, but only had time for a quick handshake before Adrian had to return to work.

Mrs. Cook is still recovering from her injuries. Her son, Paul Cook, firmly believes that Adrian saved her life. Had Adrian not stopped, Mrs. Cook’s situation could have turned out much worse. If not for Paul Cook nominating Adrian for KOB’s Pay it Forward campaign, the City would not have heard about Adrian’s extraordinary actions that day. This is a perfect example of helping your neighbor in times of need, and because of exceptional acts of kindness such as this, our City is a great place to live.