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City Awards $2.05 Million for New Homeless Services

Services to Help the Homeless, Individuals Living in Mental Health Crisis & the Hungry

Albuquerque-Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry announced that the City will award six new contracts, worth $2.05 million dollars to five local non-profits to help those who are experiencing homelessness, mental health crises and food insecurity.

$930,000 of the funding will assist with three public facility improvement projects that enhance access, acquisition and distribution of healthy food for persons experiencing homelessness or persons "at-risk" for experiencing homelessness. The three projects include:

  1. St. Martin's for $350,000 - to renovate their day shelter and improve their kitchen and dining room to expand capacity to serve 600 people per day
  2. First Nations Community Health Source for $320,000 - to renovate their facilities to provide food services to 2,500 persons
  3. Roadrunner Food Bank for $260,000 – to be used towards warehouse roof repairs, saving over $600,000 and converting the savings to an additional 1,300,000 meals for homeless persons

$625,000 of the funding will go to St. Martin's Hospitality Center to provide housing and case management services to an additional 60 homeless persons with severe mental illness issues. These funds are in addition to the $1,800,000 in current funding to St Martin’s for permanent supportive and transitional housing, displaced tenants and motel voucher assistance, outreach and neighborhood clean-up services, and day shelter and meals services.

Additionally, $500,000 of the funding will go to Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless and the Supportive Housing Coalition to provide stable housing and case management for an additional 30 homeless individuals with behavioral health problems who are exiting jail.

"Albuquerque continues to show that we have a heart for the most vulnerable and that we back up our concern with substantial resources to positively impact the lives of those affected." said Mayor Richard J. Berry. "This is why other cities are looking to Albuquerque for leadership on these important issues.” he added.

Over the past 5 years more than 430 people have entered into permanent supportive housing through Albuquerque Heading Home. Additionally, the City funded a total of $14.6 million this year (and $65 million over the past five years) for wraparound services for persons experiencing homelessness.  These services include healthcare for the homeless, family services, shelters, substance abuse, emergency and hotline numbers.

By working with community partners, the City is bolstering resources to meet the demand of those who need and want help. Through continuing dialogues with the community, the City is exploring additional means to partner, leverage funds and prevent crises for persons experiencing severe mental health issues.