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Chief Provides a Positive Experience for a Traveler to Albuquerque

Friday’s Hero: Chief Marshall Katz

October 18, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Richard J. Berry honored a police chief who works at the Albuquerque International Sunport. Chief Marshall Katz works within the airport ensuring the safety of all persons coming and going from our great city. Chief Katz went out of his way to help a guest to Albuquerque when he had happened upon an unfortunate situation.

This past August, a traveler trying to make his way to Albuquerque from Montreal, Canada via New York City was unfortunately delayed at the U.S.-Canadian border for four hours, through no fault of his own. This resulted in the individual missing his flight on JetBlue. Unable to obtain cell phone service, the man could not forewarn JetBlue and had to forfeit his airline ticket. Fortunately he managed to get a flight the next day but was pained to lose the fair on his first flight and had to pay once again to get to Albuquerque.

After the man’s arrival to Albuquerque, his host took him to the Airport in an effort to find some solution for the money he lost. The pair found Chief Katz and explained the difficult financial situation the man found himself in. Chief Katz heard his story with sympathy and motivation to help the weary traveler. Chief Katz contacted JetBlue that same day and found a solution for the loss of credit for the man.

The host of the visitor to Albuquerque said, "Chief Katz showed an unusual degree of both professional courtesy and human understanding". It is because of great Albuquerque citizens like Chief Marshall Katz that give people visiting Albuquerque a positive impression of our city and keep them coming back. Chief Katz is a hero for taking his own time and energy to ensure a refund for this traveler when he was in a difficult position.