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Campaign Initiated to Ensure Park Security

February 4, 2016

ALBUQUERQUE- Mayor Richard J. Berry and the Parks and Recreation Department are pleased to introduce new safety resources for our parks system. The additional security measures that will be implemented in our parks are as follows:

  • Two security guards that will patrol in “Parks and Recreation Enforcement Vehicles” after hours to deter illegal activity and enforce park hours. Security personnel will have a direct line of communication with each other as well as the Albuquerque Police Department.
  •  “Flash-Cams”, motion activated cameras, will be installed to give audible warnings and take pictures of anyone in the parks after hours. Pictures taken can be reviewed by both park security and the police.

This campaign is in an effort to discourage and deter bad behavior in our parks.  The City would like to remind the community to continue notifying authorities by calling 242-COPS if they suspect illegal behavior.

The funding for these additions came from the City of Albuquerque General Fund costing a total of $68,000.  The vehicles were located within the city’s existing motor pool of cars, so no additional funding was needed for that element of the campaign.

Public parks add to the quality of life for residents, often being walking distance from homes.  These resources are implemented to ensure that citizens feel safe while at home and enjoying recreational activities in their neighborhood parks.