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Brazen Thief Stopped Through Teamwork

Friday’s Heroes: AFD E5 Crew, Albuquerque Ambulance personnel, and Transit Security Officers

Albuquerque- When a thief tried to steal an ambulance with a patient inside, many stepped up to put a stop to the audacious act. Today, Mayor Richard J. Berry honored the City of Albuquerque Transit Security, the Albuquerque Fire Department (AFD), and Albuquerque Ambulance Service (AAS) who prevented the theft. Through the quick thinking of the involved parties, the patient was saved and the theft of the ambulance was averted. This week’s Friday’s Heroes are from AFD, AAS, and the City of Albuquerque’s Transit Department. 

Last July, an Albuquerque Ambulance Service crew, along with AFD and City Transit Security were on scene at a medical call at Central and Wyoming. As the AAS crew was unloading their gear to attend to the medical emergency, a bystander jumped into the front seat of the Ambulance and attempted to drive away. The thief could not get control of the vehicle while AAS personnel jumped in the front seat to prevent the assailant from stealing the ambulance with the patient inside. The vehicle began to move backward, almost crashing into ABQ Ride’s vehicle. After narrowly avoiding the crash, the attempted thief tried to escape from the ambulance, but AFD Firefighters and Transit officers were able to detain the assailant until APD arrived. Once APD arrived, it was revealed that APD had been searching for this individual for other crimes. 

Through the professional and speedy action from each one of these individuals a life was saved, an ambulance is still in position of the rightful owners and APD was able to arrest the culprit of this nonsensical crime. AFD, AAS, and Transit Security personnel strive to collaborate and serve the community, but on this day, their teamwork truly made all the difference. 


Friday’s Heroes – AFD: Lieutenant Isaiah Johnson, Driver John Hagan, Firefighter Adam Watts, Firefighter Eric De La Torre; Albuquerque Ambulance: Paramedic Mike Ruane, EMT Matt Snider; Transit Security: Officer Dennis Loyd, Officer Jose Lujan