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Bosque Gets Beautified Through Beneficence

Employees of the Week: William Pentler and Stephen Ryan, Parks & Recreation

April 5, 2013

Albuquerque- Each winter the Open Space division of Parks and Recreation conducts several planting projects to regenerate the Bosque by planning cottonwoods and willows. William Pentler and Stephen Ryan were nominated as the Employees of the Week after their supervisor recognized the long hours and hard work they were investing. Under tough, outdoor conditions the duo has worked with 18 school groups and community organizations, involving 400 school children and 100 adults, to plant more than 400 trees and another 100 shrubs.

To improve the habitat in the Bosque, Pentler and Ryan have worked, in conjunction with the State inmate program, to coordinate the gathering of more than 5,000 willow whips which have been planted in the restoration site known as "La Orilla" (the riverbank in Spanish).

The La Orilla project site has been completely transformed due to the high quality, hard work, and active engagement of community participation- all fostered by these two employees.

This spring and summer the new plantings will begin to leaf out and show the success of Pentler and Ryans’ environmental stewardship.