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Black History Month Garners Support

The City Council Approved the Mayor’s $10,000 Appropriation Request

Albuquerque, NM— Mayor Richard J. Berry has received approval from the City Council for his request to support the upcoming Black History Month celebration. The City will contribute $10,000 from the general fund to support what promises to be a fantastic celebration of history, culture and achievement. The festivities, spanning through the month of February 2012, will focus on arts and culture, cuisine, positive youth development, education, and health.

"I am thrilled that Albuquerque is stepping up our local celebration of Black History Month" said Mayor Berry. "We are grateful for collaborations, like this one, that provide meaningful events for our community, while bolstering our local economy. We are honored to be able support the New Mexico Black History Organizing Committee in their efforts to provide the historically enriching events that are planned for this month long celebration."

The funding was approved on December 19th at the Albuquerque City Council Meeting.