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Bi-Partisan Group of Legislators Invest in the Safety of Albuquerque

Mayor Berry thanks the state legislators who helped fund the purchase of two new fire engines and 13 police cars

May 7, 2013

Albuquerque- This past legislative session 31 state legislators, joined forces on a bi-partisan effort to help improve public safety within the City of Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Public Safety Vehicle Replacement Project garnered 13 new police cars and two new fire engines.

Mayor Richard J. Berry, Police Chief Ray Schultz, and Fire Chief James Breen thanked the legislators for helping the City of Albuquerque better assist people in need and be well-equipped for emergency situations.

"This is a great example of how government should and can work for the betterment of the community," said Mayor Berry. "We greatly appreciate the bi-partisan support of our legislators and Governor as we continue to make Albuquerque safer."

In total Senate Bill 60 allocated about $1.6 Million towards new public safety units, for the city. The charge was led by Representative Nate Gentry, who said, "In 2012 Mayor Berry led the bi-partisan effort to fund the Paseo del Norte flyover.  This past session he brought Albuquerque legislators from both sides of the aisle together to fully fund this important project.  It's refreshing to have a mayor who puts the people and public safety before partisan politics."

Both Chief’s reiterated the value this provides for the community:

"We’re very grateful to our Legislators and the Governor for providing funding to purchase two fire engines which will enhance the sustainability of AFD’s Emergency Response Fleet and increase reliability to better serve Metro area residents." said Fire Chief Breen.

"This appropriation symbolizes our state and city’s support of public safety and our government, being good stewards of the public’s well-being. This investment, helps us continue to prevent and fight crime," said Police Chief Schultz.