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APD Officers Utilize CPR Training to Revive Unconscious Man

Friday’s Heroes: APD Officers Julie Maycumber and Xavier Chacon

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored two APD Officers for their immediate response during a medical emergency. Officer Julie Maycumber and Officer Xavier Chacon of the Albuquerque Police Department are this week’s Friday’s Heroes.

This past August, Officers Maycumber and Chacon were on duty when they were dispatched to a situation involving an unresponsive subject. The caller reported the man was unconscious and could not be woken up. Officer Maycumber first arrived on scene to find the male subject sitting down, slumped forward with his face on the ground. Officer Maycumber attempted to wake the individual but soon discovered that his face was purple, indicating that something was blocking his airway. Immediately, Officer Maycumber called for rescue. Officer Maycumber then laid the man on his back and established that he did not have pulse, nor was he breathing. Jumping into action, Officer Maycumber administered CPR and began chest compressions. Officer Chacon arrived on scene shortly after and began assisting Officer Maycumber by holding the man’s head to clear his airways and switching between administering chest compressions to ensure consistency. Officers Maycumber and Chacon’s teamwork and prompt medical care was able to revive the man so he could seek further medical attention.

Thanks to the effective and decisive actions of Officers Maycumber and Chacon one more dispatch was able to end successfully. Officer Julie Maycumber has been a COA employee since the age of 16 when she worked at the City of Albuquerque libraries. She became a Police Service Aide in 2009 and a sworn officer in May 2011.  Officer Maycumber has been assigned to Field Services Bureau and is currently a collateral rider with the Horse Mounted Unit.   Officer Xavier Chacon started his career with the Albuquerque Police Department in August 2012 and became a sworn officer in March 2013.  Officer Chacon is currently a CIT officer, Child Abuse Response Evaluator (CARE) and is assigned to the Southwest Area Command.