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APD Officer Helps Stranded Out of Towner

Friday’s Hero: APD COAST Officer Amy Marmon

May 10, 2013

Albuquerque- It’s a nightmare-type situation, a woman is stranded in an unfamiliar city, because her employer just fired her and refuses to pay for her lodging or transportation. This past fall, this situation happened to a woman traveling for her job, through Albuquerque. The stranded woman found herself without a place to stay, trying to haul around her luggage, managing her service dog, and trying to get across the states, about 1,250 miles back to Tennessee.

For this woman, her hero came in the form of an Albuquerque Police Officer with the Crisis Intervention Team Officer Amy Marmon. Seeing the woman distraught and desperate Officer Marmon contacted the Crisis Outreach and Support Team. Officer Marmon out of her own pocket $70.00 for the woman’s lodging for the evening, and the next day coordinated her transportation to the bus station. COAST paid for her bus fair that got her all the way home to Tennessee.

Officer Marmon was a true hero to this woman, and a great advocate for the City of Albuquerque. Crisis Specialist Jen Perea and Joe Chavez with COAST also saw this woman in need and rallied their resources, through donations from local charities, to purchase the woman her bus ticket and reunite her with her family. All these individuals helped resolve the nightmare-like situation.