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Animal Welfare Volunteer Shows Sincere Compassion for Albuquerque’s Shelter Dogs and Cats

Volunteer of the Month: Carol Latham

June 6, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Albuquerque Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry honored an Animal Welfare Department volunteer whose compassion and care for homeless cats and dogs has improved the quality of life for hundreds of Albuquerque animals. Carol Latham is June’s Volunteer of the Month.

For the past three and a half years, Carol has worked tirelessly at the City of Albuquerque animal shelters on behalf of the animals there with the ultimate goal of ensuring that as many as possible will be adopted into their forever homes. On average, Carol volunteers 30 hours a week on behalf of the shelters. Carol is always willing to help and no job is too big or too small, whether it is a special project the shelter has undertaken or carrying out the day to day tasks necessary to provide the best care for the animals. Weekday mornings Carol can be found facilitating the doggie playgroups which teach the dogs appropriate interactive skills with both humans and other dogs.  These exercises also help the volunteers evaluate the best possible adoptive environment for the dogs. Carol goes above and beyond, offering to transport animals at her own expense to adoption events, and foster and rescue facilities located as far as Utah and Colorado.

When Carol is not at the shelter or driving dogs and cats to adoption opportunities, she is caring for animals at home. Carol herself fosters many cats and dogs while they await a more permanent home.

Carol Latham is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Albuquerque’s vulnerable animals. All who have worked with her speak of her love and dedication for making a meaningful and positive change in the lives of shelter animals. She takes great satisfaction in the fact that the work she does helps to facilitate a happy, healthy environment in which dogs and cats can live and thrive. Carol is a selfless advocate for many animals in need in our community.