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Animal Welfare Employee Rescues Dog

Employee of the Week: Carolyn Hidalgo

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee from a local animal shelter who jumped into action when she witnessed a dog hit by a speeding car. Animal Welfare employee Carolyn Hidalgo is this week’s Employee of the Week.

This past September, Carolyn Hidalgo was driving home from work when she saw speeding vehicle in a residential area, disregarding its surroundings. A senior citizen was taking his dog for a walk in the same quiet neighborhood. As the car sped through the roads, the man’s dog was hit. Carolyn saw the horrific scene unfold before her and did not think twice. She immediately ran over to the immobilized dog and assessed the situation. Carolyn noted that the animal was losing quite a bit of blood and needed to seek immediate medical attention. Carolyn remained calm as she alerted the owner of the injury's severity and recruited the help of the nearby neighbors to get the dog into her car. Knowing that due to the injury the dog would most likely not survive, she encouraged the owner to soothe his dog and pet him as she drove the nearest veterinarian. When they arrived at the veterinarian’s office the emergency team examined the dog and determined that it was time for the owners to give a proper goodbye to their beloved pet.

Although the dog lost its life that day, Carolyn Hidalgo’s actions made all the difference during the dog’s final moments. Her compassion, training, and ability to stay calm made her a true hero for the owners and their dog. Carolyn was hired on January 11, 2014 at the West Side Animal Shelter, although she works out of the East Side Shelter as well. She is now one of the Animal Welfare Program managers whose essential duties and responsibilities include behavioral observation and improvement, the behavior help line, and Animal Welfare’s Social Media.