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Albuquerque Police Officer Honored for Act of Extraordinary Kindness and Generosity

Friday’s Hero is Officer Michael Radosevich

February 14, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry presented the Friday’s Hero award to Albuquerque Police Department Officer Michael Radosevich. Officer Radosevich was honored for his efforts on behalf of a man with limited resources who needed a safe and warm place to stay while traveling through Albuquerque.

Recently Officer Radosevich encountered the gentleman who was on his way to Phoenix from Madison, Wisconsin. He was approached by the man and noticed multiple suitcases in the back of his car. The traveler informed Officer Radosevich that he was trying to locate a shelter and he explained he could not afford a motel as he needed to save every bit of money he had to afford gas for the remainder of the trip to Arizona. While it would have been easy for the officer to send him on his way, Officer Radosevich instead decided to use his own money in order to lend a helping hand.

Noting the traveler seemed like a hard working individual who had fallen on hard times, Officer Radosevich asked the man to follow him to a nearby motel and paid for one night’s stay for the gentleman. The traveler was humbled and appreciative, thanking Officer Radosevich and later contacting him to let him know he had arrived home safely. He also contacted the mayor’s office to let staff know that Officer Radosevich’s act of kindness made a lasting impression on him and reinforced his impression that Albuquerque is an amazing city.”

CAO Perry praised the selfless action by the Albuquerque Police Officer: “Officer Radosevich displayed extraordinary empathy in assisting this gentleman in his time of need. We are beyond grateful to have public servants on the police force who would offer such a kind and generous gesture.”