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Albuquerque Leaders Earn National Distinction for Use of Data, Evidence and Evaluation

Mayor Berry Joins bipartisan Moneyball for Government All-Star Team and Top Albuquerque Official Selected for New Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship Program

Albuquerque – Mayor Berry announced today his support of the results stemming from America’s Moneyball for Government campaign, a national, bipartisan effort committed to helping governments at all levels implement the following three Moneyball for Government principles:

  • Build evidence about the practices, policies and programs that will achieve the most effective and efficient results so that policymakers can make better decisions;
  • Invest limited taxpayer dollars in practices, policies and programs that use data, evidence and evaluation to demonstrate they work; and
  • Direct funds away from practices, policies and programs that consistently fail to achieve measurable outcomes.

Gilbert Montano, Mayor Berry’s Chief of Staff, was also named today to the inaugural class of Results for America’s Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship Program. Mr. Montano will join 10 other senior local government officials from all across the country who were chosen through a competitive national selection process to participate in a rigorous 18-month initiative designed to help them develop and operate the local government infrastructure necessary to be able to use data, evidence and evaluation to improve outcomes. In addition to Mr. Montano from Albuquerque, the 10 other fellows come from the local governments of Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Louisville, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Tulsa.


“I’m proud to join the Moneyball for Government All-Star team because I believe we should invest taxpayer dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Mayor Berry. “I am also proud to congratulate my Chief of Staff, Gilbert Montano, on being chosen to represent Albuquerque in the new Local Moneyball for Government fellowship program that will help us better utilize data, evidence and evaluation to improve the lives of Albuquerque’s residents.” 


“This recognition from the Moneyball for Government campaign proves how committed we are in Albuquerque to being good stewards of public funds and investing in solutions that are backed by data, evidence and evaluation,” continued Mayor Berry. “Improving outcomes for our communities will continue to be a priority for this city.”


“Local governments across the country are leading the way when it comes to investing in what works. I commend Mayor Berry’s commitment to improving outcomes and thank him for joining our bipartisan campaign,” said Michele Jolin, Managing Partner of Results for America which leads the Moneyball for Government campaign. “I also commend Gilbert Montano on his commitment to using data, evidence and evaluation to improve the lives of Albuquerque’s residents. Results for America looks forward to shining a bright light on the great work being done by Albuquerque to improve the lives of young people, their families and communities by investing in solutions that work and get results.”


Managed by Results for America, an initiative of America Achieves, the Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship Program will help the 11 fellows achieve their specific goals for their cities through three core activities:


  • A New National Network. Fellows will create a new national network of accomplished local public-sector professionals who support the Moneyball for Government Principles and are committed to developing and implementing “what works” agendas in their cities. Fellows will be invited to at least five national Fellows meetings to learn more about the lessons learned and successes achieved in other cities.


  • Moneyball for Government Implementation Plans. Fellows will have the opportunity to design and execute actionable plans to implement the Moneyball for Government principles in their cities. These plans will serve as foundations for accelerating “what works” agendas in local governments all across the country. In order to support their efforts, each Fellow will be assigned a coach who can provide the deep technical assistance and project management that will ensure their success.


  • Access to Expertise. Fellows will also have access to well-known, and well-respected local, state and federal government leaders who have successfully developed and implemented “what works” plans all across the country. Experts will be available to provide on-the-ground technical assistance to help Fellows implement their “what works” plans in their cities.


For the full list of local Moneyball for Government All-Stars, click here. The Laura and John Arnold Foundation graciously provided support for Results for America's Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship Program.