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Albuquerque Heading Home Surpasses Goals

171 chronically homeless, medically vulnerable have been housed

February 13, 2013

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry, the Albuquerque Heading Home [AHH] Team, and the City’s Family & Community Services Department gathered today to celebrate a major milestone reached through the two-year-old program AHH.


The goal for February 2013 was to provide housing for 160 individuals; the AHH team surpassed that goal by 11 people, not including their families who have also been housed with them.


Last week approximately 150 volunteers gathered together to survey people struggling with homelessness across the city. Around 420 individuals were surveyed, from those surveys, data was collected that shows AHH is having a true impact on the Albuquerque community.


Highlights and major accomplishments include:

  • The AHH volunteers found 454 less homeless
    • Of the people that were found fewer were medically vulnerable
    • The people surveyed had been on the street for a much shorter period of time
      • In 2011 the average time living on the streets was 20 years
      • In 2013 the average time living on the streets was 6 years (-13 yrs)
      • These numbers tell the team that AHH has already housed the majority of people who are chronically homeless
      • There was a 22% decrease in the number of veterans on the street
      • Hospitalizations (3 or more times) has dropped by 15% (saving countless tax dollars for homeless health services)


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