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AFD Staff Jump into Action

Friday’s Heroes: AFD Academy Staff and Paramedics

November 22, 2013


Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored the Albuquerque Fire Department’s Academy Staff and paramedics for being quick on their feet when a man collapsed, pulseless right in lobby of the Academy. These individuals really showed what it means to practice what you teach.

The morning of September 25th was like any other day at the Fire Academy, students were coming and going from class that day like usual. Then a man who was attending a class suddenly collapsed in the middle of the foyer. Academy Staff and paramedics instantly reacted and jumped into action. They found that the man had stopped breathing and had no heartbeat. They immediately called 911 and started CPR on the unconscious man. They then proceeded to administer life saving drugs, oxygen, and effective compressions until the man regained his pulse and was able to communicate to the firefighters by shaking his head. Thereafter the man was transported to UNM Hospital where he remained for three days before being released.

It was because of the quick actions of the AFD Academy Staff firefighters and the paramedics on-hand that saved this man’s life. The firefighters and paramedics are some of the best instructors in Albuquerque, so the man was fortunate to have gone through such a traumatic experience with the best of the best around him. Those involved are heroes for not only saving that man’s life, but by also sharing their know-how with the students at the Academy so that others might be saved as well.


Those to be recognized: FF Justin Baca, FF Ryan Gomez, FF Jason Ramirez, Driver Jason Hackett, Driver Paul Buck, Driver Theodore Ortiz, Driver Joseph Kandel, Driver Adele Oretga, Driver John McGee, Driver Mike Jiron, Lt. Mike Martinez, Lt. Kevin O’Brien