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AFD and ABQ Ambulance Help to Save Fallen Officer

Friday’s Heroes: APD Officer Lou Golson, AFD Station 19 and Albuquerque Ambulance Personnel

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored Albuquerque Fire Department and Albuquerque Ambulance Service first responders for their heroic actions when APD Officer Lou Golson was shot in the line of duty. This week’s Friday’s Heroes are Albuquerque Police Officer Lou Golson, Albuquerque Fire Department Station 19 personnel, and the first responders from Albuquerque Ambulance Service (AAS).

Early in the morning on Saturday, January 3rd, Officer Golson was on his typical patrol around the streets of Albuquerque. Around 2:30 am, he attempted to make a traffic stop, but, what was expected to be a routine stop, quickly turned into something much more sinister. Officer Golson approached to the driver’s side of the vehicle and asked repeatedly that the driver turn off his engine. Within a matter of seconds, the driver of the vehicle swung his door open and shot at Officer Golson five times. Officer Golson immediately returned fire as the suspect fled on foot. As he remained calm, Officer Golson relayed what had transpired to dispatch.

Officer Golson was immobilized with one of the bullets penetrating his vest and causing two open bullet wounds, a broken femur, and a broken wrist. Due to these life-threatening wounds, Officer Golson required urgent medical attention. Albuquerque Ambulance personnel were the first on scene and immediately started treating his wounds. Moments later, AFD arrived on scene and jumped into action to evaluate, treat, and transport Officer Golson to seek further medical attention.

Officer Golson’s life could have been lost if not for proper treatment from AFD Firefighters, and AAS. Due to their quick and professional response, Officer Golson, a 31-year veteran of APD, is alive and well.

Albuquerque Police Officers put their lives on the line every day, and when situations go from bad to worse, the Albuquerque Fire Department and Albuquerque Ambulance first responders are there to lend a hand. Thankfully, the first responders were able to tend to Officer Golson’s needs, and eventually transported him to the hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. Officer Golson is now on the long road to recovery, but with his positive attitude and pure determination, he will be able to move past this horrific experience.



Friday’s Heroes – AFD: Quality Improvement Officer/Paramedic, Captain Santos Garcia, Paramedic Lieutenant Aaron Markland, Paramedic Driver Brent Rohrig, Captain Steven Keffer, Driver Joe Fraley, Firefighter Anthony Duran,  Firefighter David Auge; Albuquerque Ambulance: Paramedic Colton Dean, EMT Intermediate Patrick Trodden; APD: Officer Lou Golson