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Administration, Two AFSCME Unions Reach Agreement

Berry Administration reaches agreements with two AFSCME unions; implements wage reductions for three others.


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Mayor Richard J. Berry announced July 16 that his administration has reached agreements with two of the AFSCME bargaining units and has implemented a wage reduction for the remaining three.

A tentative agreement has been reached with AFSCME Local 3022, which represents management employees. Management union employees are expected to vote on their agreement sometime next week. Details of the tentative agreement are not available until after the ratification vote.

AFSME Local 1888, which represents security employees has overwhelming ratified an agreement in which those who make more than $30,000 will receive a 1.5 percent pay cut and two unpaid holidays. Security employees who make less than $30,000 will not receive a salary reduction.

A similar agreement was reached earlier in the week with negotiators representing AFSCME clerical employees in which those making under $30,000 would not receive a salary reduction. But, union members voted overwhelmingly to reject the tentative agreement forcing Mayor Berry to implement a 1.21 percent cut for all clerical union employees.

"I was hopeful we could reach agreements with all of the city's bargaining units, but I am pleased that we did reach some form of agreement with three out of the five AFSCME unions," Mayor Berry said. "Our employees need to know that we worked in good faith to come to resolution in a fair and equitable manner in which the lesser paid employees would receive less of a cut. We offered a sliding scale to every AFSCME union; however, all but two said no."

Mayor Berry also implemented salary reductions for transit and blue collar union employees after federal mediation failed to produce an agreement and union leaders rejected the city's offer of sliding scale cuts with employees making under $30,000 receiving no salary reductions. AFSCME Local 264 transit employees will receive a 0.48 percent pay cut and AFSCME Local 624 blue collar employees will receive a 1.77 percent cut.

The cuts were based on the amount that was de-appropriated by the Fiscal Year 2011 budget. The budget was approved in June by the City Council and signed by Mayor Berry.

Mayor Berry's announcement marks an end to months of negotiations between the city's seven labor unions. Under the Fiscal Year 2011 budget – which began July 1 - $8.97 million in wages were required to be cut. The budget was crafted to make up for a potential $66 million shortfall this year.

Earlier Actions

Earlier this month, Mayor Berry announced wage reductions for the fire and police unions. The 2.47 percent wage reduction for the fire union was implemented after mediation failed to produce a resolution with the Albuquerque Area International Association of Firefighters Local 244. All Albuquerque Police Officers' Association Members received a 2.41 percent reduction after a mediation failed to produce an agreement between the union and the city. The City implemented a sliding scale for non-union employees in which the highest paid would receive a 3.5 percent wage reduction.

Along with the salary reductions, all city employees will pay 20 percent of their health insurance costs. Previously city employees were paying 17 percent. The changes will be reflected on the July 23 paychecks.

The Mayor and the City Council all took 5 percent pay reductions.