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ABQ Ride Launches Google Transit Planner

ABQ RIDE Partnering with Google Transit for Easier Online and Smartphone Trip Planning

Albuquerque, NM – Planning your bus trips through Albuquerque is about to get even easier, now that ABQ RIDE and Google, the Internet search engine, have formed a partnership to provide ABQ RIDE transit information.
Albuquerque bus riders now can go to Google Maps to get step by step directions for taking trips on ABQ RIDE. This includes how to plan a trip from Point A to Point B in the city and which bus routes to take. The individualized trip plan also comes with an itinerary, step-by-step transit directions, maps and a calculation of walking distances. You can even click on the bus symbol Google has placed on its maps for every one of ABQ RIDE’s designated bus stops- to get the next, regularly scheduled buses for that stop.
“Google Transit Trip Planner is just one of the ways we’re making it even easier for people to discover and use public transportation in Albuquerque,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry. “No other online mapping service links transit information with so much other useful information."

ABQ RIDE is the first bus system in New Mexico to partner with Google Transit, combining the functionality of Google Maps with smartphone capability. Now, all ABQ RIDE route, bus stop and schedule information will be available online through Google Maps as well as in a smartphone application.
“With the ease of Google Maps, we want to turn potential riders into active riders,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE. “We want to tap an audience that may not even know ABQ RIDE is an option for them as well as capitalize on the growing use of smartphones to access information.”

You can plan a trip on ABQ RIDE via Google Maps by simply going to and selecting "Get Directions." The public transit link is shown each time driving directions are requested by the viewer who may not be aware that transit is even an option. For those using a smartphone, you can download the latest version of Google Maps for free from your respective app store or access it in your mobile browser. A link to Google Maps can also be found on

In addition to Google Maps, riders can still use ABQ RIDE’S own online trip planner feature found at