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ABQ Ride Employees Aid Woman after Car Accident

Employees of the Week: Sam Ortiz and Mike Huckins

March 7, 2014

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored City of Albuquerque Transit employees that were quick to assist a woman and her infant after a car accident.  Sun Van Chauffeur Sam Ortiz and Dispatcher Mike Huckins were instrumental in keeping the woman and her baby safe following the crash that left them very vulnerable.

One cold morning in late December, Sam was on his way to an appointment to pick up a rider when he witnessed a frightening car accident.  A vehicle was approaching the intersection on a green light when a large SUV suddenly entered the intersection against a red light. To avoid a collision, the smaller vehicle swerved and hit a curb and street sign. The SUV quickly sped off.

Sam called Dispatcher Mike Huckins who immediately contacted Albuquerque Police and Fire Departments to request assistance.  Sam approached the wrecked vehicle to check on the condition of the occupants. Inside he found the woman and her baby and both were scared and badly shaken up by the incident.  Sam detected the smell of gasoline and recognized that he needed to move quickly to get the mother and child away from the wreckage, so he helped get them out of the vehicle.  It was very cold outside so he ensured that they had a warm place inside the Sun Van to wait for paramedics to arrive.  They remained safe and warm until emergency crews arrived on scene.  Rescue personnel assessed the situation and transported the woman to the hospital, while Mike arranged to get Sam back on his route.

While others kept going, Sam put aside his own daily routine in order to help the young woman and her baby through a scary and potentially dangerous situation.  Thanks to Sam and Mike’s quick action, they woman and her baby were protected from any further harm.