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200 Life Transformations Through Albuquerque Heading Home

Man who lived on the streets for 6 years is welcomed to his new home

May 9, 2013

Albuquerque- Mayor Richard J. Berry, the City’s Family and Community Department, Albuquerque Heading Home, and numerous other community partners gathered to celebrate the 200th individual to find permanent housing through Albuquerque Heading Home. For the past six, tedious, and uncomfortable years, this gentleman has lived and suffered on the streets.

In the past three months alone, he has been transported via emergency responders more than 80 times, costing more than $144,000- that’s enough money to pay his rent for 22 years.

Today, May 9, 2013 volunteers from the Mayor’s Office of Volunteer Engagement [MOVE] and Albuquerque Firefighters came together to help the man move into his new apartment located at the Queen’s Point Manor Apartments.

"Our participants have been through so much,” said Mayor Berry. "You can see the weight that’s lifted off their shoulders when they open the door of their apartment with their key. It’s an emotional and inspirational process as well as a major milestone for Albuquerque Heading Home."

Albuquerque Heading Home Executive Director, Dennis Plummer said, "This move is not only cost effective, it can dramatically improve a life. This illustrates how Albuquerque Heading Home is indeed the smart way to do the right thing in facilitating coordinated service. AFD, APD, Albuquerque Housing Authority, community volunteers and our non-profit service agencies all came together to help this individual move in. If we can do this for one person and this quickly--we can do it for others in need. Homelessness can be solved."