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2% of General Obligation Bond Slated for Open Space Land Acquisition

June 23, 2016

ALBUQUERQUE- In efforts to protect the unique natural features of the metropolitan area, legislation adopted by the City Council and signed by Mayor Richard J. Berry will dedicate 2% of the biennial General Obligation bond program for Open Space land acquisition until 2035.

The public has had the opportunity to enjoy approximately 29,000 acres of Open Space lands such as the Elena Gallegos, other foothills and mountain reserves, the Rio Grande Bosque, North Valley agricultural areas, much of Petroglyph National Monument, and Shooting Range Park.

“This legislation allows the city to better protect and grow our open space lands, which are invaluable assets for future generations,” said Mayor Berry.

Efforts to acquire open space lands began in the 1960s with a few visionary individuals. Albuquerque now has one of the best ratios of Open Space Land per population in the country.

Based on this year’s capacity of $120M, 2% is about $2.4M for the two year bond period. City Council has adopted a comprehensive list of priority lands to purchase ensuring future generations benefit from additional Open Space:

  • Cerro Colorado Volcano
  • Northern Geologic Window
  • Northern Sand Dunes
  • North Rio Puerco Escarpment
  • Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan Parcels
  • Boca Negra Arroyo Middle Branch
  • La Cuentista
  • Tijeras Arroyo Biological Zone
  • Volcano Heights (State Land Office Parcel)