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Week of December 13, 2010, Larry Moya

Larry Moya is an employee in the Senior Affairs Department.

Recently, the City of Albuquerque’s Senior Affairs Department partnered with New Mexico Gas Company, to turn on heaters and to weatherize the homes of low income seniors in the community.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, Larry Moya, a Department of Senior Affairs supervisor received a call from a NM Gas Company technician who had found a client’s home that was emitting very high levels of carbon monoxide. The NM Gas tech let Moya know of the extreme danger the elderly woman was in and that she would need to leave her home immediately.

Moya called a licensed plumber, the Red Cross, and an Emergency Home Repair program looking for aid to help repair the gas leak. However, since the day was on a weekend, many of the businesses he contacted were unable to help him.

With further investigation Moya found out the woman had been renting her home for more than two decades. He contacted the landlord’s daughter and let her know the furnace needed to be repaired and serviced by a gas technician immediately.

Due to the constant persistence of Moya, the landlord’s daughter called back to inform Mrs. Romero that a plumber was on the way to fix the carbon monoxide leak. Mrs. Romero was staying with a relative at the time.

On Monday morning, the plumber called the woman to inform her the leak was fixed and inspected by the plumber. The woman is now back in her home, safe and warm.

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