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James Sanchez, Ernie Telles & Donald Grogitsky, Week of June 21, 2010

James Sanchez, Ernie Telles and Donald Grogistsky work in the maintenance division of the Transit Department.

The horrible bus accident that occurred at Interstate 25 and Central in downtown Albuquerque in October 2009 made the news around the world. Video of the accident showed passengers thrown from their seats upon impact after a car ran a red light causing the bus to hit a bridge. The bus was severely damaged.

When maintenance staff tried to get quotes to have the bus repaired no one would take the project on. It seemed like the only alterative would be purchasing a new bus, costing the city tens of thousands of dollars. That was until ABQ Ride employees James Sanchez and Ernie Telles, both welder fabricators; and Donald Grogitsky, a paint and body worker, got a hold of it.

They used their talents and skills to completely refurbish and rebuild the bus. Together the three saved the city an estimated $75,000 by completing the project in house.

Thanks to Sanchez, Telles, and Grogitsky’s dedication and hard work bus 6412 is safely back on the streets serving the Albuquerque's public.

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