Accountability Government Oversight Committee

Information about the Accountability Government Oversight Committee.

§2-10-5 of the Accountability in Government Ordinance creates the Accountability in Government Oversight (AGO) Committee. The AGO Committee is a management committee and not a public board, commission or committee and is not subject to the Open Meetings Act. The AGO Committee does not have authority to formulate public policy. One of the primary functions of the AGO Committee is to approve all audit and investigation reports. The AGO Committee also conducts the applicant search and makes a recommendation to the City Council on the selection of the Inspector General.

The AGO Committee consists of five members from the community at large. The Mayor and one City Councilor, appointed annually by the City Council President, shall be nonvoting ex-officio members. The Mayor and the appointed City Councilor may send designees to the Committee meetings. At least one AGO Committee member shall be a CPA, one shall have a law enforcement or law background and one Committee member shall be a professional management consultant.

As vacancies on the AGO Committee occur, the City Council and Mayor will alternatively appoint new members. All appointments are subject to City Council approval. The AGO Committee members are appointed for staggered terms of three years unless an appointment is to fill a vacancy.

The following individuals are members of the AGO Committee:

NameTerm ExpiresRepresentative
Jean Strosinski Aug. 31, 2014 Management Consultant
Mark D. Jarmie
Aug. 31, 2015 At Large
Doug Turner
Aug. 31, 2015 At Large
Patricia A. Caristo, NMLPI Aug. 31, 2013 Law Enforcement
Gerald T. Kardas, CPA Aug. 31, 2013 CPA