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Conclusion & Acknowledgements

As anyone can see, Irish immigrants and Irish Americans have made important and lasting contributions to this nation, state, and the city of Albuquerque. They add much to the diversity of Albuquerque, and we are indebted to the people in this book who have ensured that the culture and traditions of Ireland are kept alive. The gifts Ireland has given to this nation and to the city of Albuquerque are immeasurable, and everyone can benefit from learning more about the lives and experiences of this diverse group of people in our nation.


We wish to Acknowledge

The Human Rights Office would like to thank:

• Ellen Dowling of the Irish American Society

• Kate Nash of the Irish American Society and Irish Heritage Center

• Malachy Mahon of the Irish Heritage Center

• Elaine Armstrong from the Irish Interest Group of the Albuquerque Genealogical Society

• Every member of the Irish American Society, Irish Heritage Center, and the Irish Interest Group who opened their meetings and welcomed staff from the Human Rights Office.

• All of the people who were willing to contribute to Reflections on Irish American Heritage: Thank you to Elaine Armstrong, Olive Bell, Ellen Dowling, Malachy Mahon, and Colm Matthews for taking the time to share their personal stories and viewpoints.


This booklet was written for the City of Albuquerque Human Rights Office by Joanna Miller, Special Projects Assistant.


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