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Human Rights Board: Recognition of Hispanics

Recognized by the Albuquerque Human Rights Board

The Frank J. Miranda Bridge Award is given to those who have
promoted equality, not only within there own racial, ethnic or cultural groups,
but who have gone beyond to promote and support human rights and human
dignity, equal opportunity, equal access, and the elimination of discrimination
which cross racial, ethnic and cultural lines.


Vicente Ximenes, 1990
Mary Molina Mescall, 1993
María Martínez-Wolff, 2000

The Affirmative Action Award is given to an employer or employee
who has demonstrated leadership in the creation or initiation and
support and promotion of equal opportunity and affirmative action
programs to ensure a diverse workplace.


Margaret Montoya, 1997

The Miguel Trujillo Unsung Hero Award goes to those who, in times
past, had made a significant and positive contribution to the cause of
human rights, but who were not appropriately acknowledged or
recognized for the effort.


Max Hernández Jr., 1992
Richard Moore, 1995
Nita Luna-Davis, 1996
Armando Jesus “Chuy” Martinez, 1998

The Human Rights Award is given to persons who have worked towards
preserving, promoting or otherwise contributing to human rights and human
dignity, furthering the cause of human rights, equal opportunity and equal
access in employment, housing or public accommodations.


The Citizen Information Committee of
Martineztown (CICM), 1990
Loretta A. Armenta, 1991
Frances Apodaca-Gándara, 1991
Joe D. Córdova, 1992
Marty A. García, 1992
Dr. Rupert A. Trujillo, 1992
Emmalou Rodríguez, 1993
Joseph Saavedra, 1994
Christine Trujillo-Kavanaugh, 1994
Dolores Herrera, 1995
Nancy Sánchez, 1996
Steve Gallegos, 1997
Martin J. Chávez, 1999
David López-Lujan, 1999
Robert Ingersoll, 2000
Juan José Peña, 2000
Ralph Arellanes, 2002

The Fair Housing Award goes to individuals and organizations who
have promoted and supported fair housing through equal opportunity
in, and equal access to, housing, and have worked to increase the
public’s awareness of the importance of equality in housing by the
elimination of discrimination.


R. Jon Roybal, 1999

A Special Recognition is awarded to those, who by their exemplary
efforts and actions have made significant and positive contributions in
promoting and supporting human rights, human dignity, equal
opportunity and equal access in the areas of housing, employment,
public accommodations and programs and services.


Las Mujeres de LULAC, 1991
Manny Aragón, 1993
Jimmy Juárez, 1993
Minerva Nieto, 1993
Bazan J. Romero, 1993
Eddie Ramírez, 1993
Chris Baca, 1994
El Consulado de México, 1994
Mana de Albuquerque, 1994
María Chávez, 1995
Las Mujeres de LULAC, 1995
Albert Raymond Sena, 1996
Paquita Hernández, 1996
Gillie Padilla, 1996
Billy Crespín, 1996
Jimmy Santiago Baca, 1996
Cynthia Armijo, 1997
Ismael Camacho, 1997
Antoinette Jácquez, 1997
Eric Serna, 1997
Linda Valencia-Martínez, 1997
Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund, 1997
Deanna Sauceda, 1997
Jenny Vigil, 1997
Margaret Montoya, 1998
Nadine Cordova, 1999
Patsy Cordova, 1999
Carlos Romero, 2001
Isabelle Ogaz de Telles, 2002
Louis P. Telles, 2002


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